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    Presentashon di trage di grupo E He He.
    Grupo E he he a estrena nan trage pa karnaval 2020 ku e tema The Black and White masquerade ball.
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    Presentashon di trage grupo Viva
    Grupo Viva a presenta nan trage pa karnaval 2020. The mythical art of afrika ta e tema di nan trage.
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    Presentashon Di Trage Estreno Mas Pikete
    Grupo Estreno Mas Pikete a presenta nan trage pa karnaval 2020 ku e tema "The Golden Age of Egypt".
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    Let The Dark Glow
    Icons and Tsean was all out in let the dark glow party. Tsean once again was all out with his songs.
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    Climax Dibo D & Friends
    Climax was one of the best parties. Dibo D and friends futering with ONE and GIO wasall out.
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    Presentashon di trage Hats Off To Dreams
    Haute couture is the expression of creativity through the creation of beautifully made custom clothi
  • 112
    Presentashon di trage Vise Versa
    Vise Versa created there own North Pole Village, where all of them are Messengers Elves.Let it snow
  • 190
    Presentashon di trage di Grupo A Lo LOKO
    Grupo A Lo Loko a soru di pone un lokura ku nan presentashon di trage Karnaval 2020.
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    Tour De Mas 2019
    Tour de Mas su di 9 edishon a dal duru.Korsou kompletu a gosa i wak nos hendenan kore baiskel disfru
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    Dju Dju V 7x5 Birthday Celebration
    Dju Dju V selebration with Icons. All his friends were on this party making it one epic party.